Content Writing


It is now more difficult than ever pitching or advertising your ideas and products online. Advertisements have been used online for decades but the rate at which people now buy or click on links for adverts have decreased to an all time low. Plastering images and low prices next to a product is no longer as effective as it once was.

Content marketing/writing is a means of communicating with your customers, potential or otherwise, without selling to them directly or pitching your products/services. Instead you are educating your customers, enabling them to make a more informed purchasing choice.

Whether it’s through blogging or articles, the main goal of Content writing is to continually deliver informative, engaging and educational content to benefit your customers which will be rewarded with their business and loyalty. It is essential to add some personality and substance to your website. This will help distinguish your brand from the myriad of your competitors.

Tell us about your website content, such as the product and your target audience and we’ll tell you what we can do. Once the basics of the content have been agreed upon, our UK based Content Writers will write the website content and each page you receive is ready to be quickly published within the shortest of deadlines. Once our content writers have taken your order and written the content, they will send it directly to your email inbox, with up to 3 revisions free of charge and at only £__per word it is a service that your customers, and in turn your business, will undoubtedly benefit from.